DORY TUCKER is the founding Principal and Senior Designer for

Studio Creiamo.  She is crazy about design and the built environment, and has  been practicing design and project management for nearly 30 years in California based design and architecture firms. She has had the unique experience working in residential and commercial landscape design, apprenticing in architecture firms practicing building design, interior design, master planning, and project management for the betterment of her career. In 2012 Dory obtained her license to become a certified interior designer.

Dory aspires to leave a positive lasting impression and to elevate aesthetics, 

while continuing to keep in mind the all necessary timelines, budgets, and needs of her clients. She has an emphatic passion for design and the built environment, and is invested in her clients, the projects that bring people together, and the good design that makes a project a success.

Dory has two grown boys, a dog named Pierre, and a cat named Franklin. 

In her free time, she loves to cook ( and eat! ), garden, take family nature walks,

travel, ride her bike,  write, and photograph clouds and nature. 

               "I truly love what I do,  and believe together with you,

we can create exceptional spaces, enhance and heal 

the built environment, one project at a time".

About D...


Never underestimate the power of making progress even if it is small and slow going, as one day you will look back and see all you have achieved for your self and for those you love

- Dory Tucker